FINDING BOAZ: Qualities of an Ideal Man

Let’s be honest. Ladies, we set our standards based on the oh-so-perfect guy we watch on TV. Sorry to burst your bubble but he is imaginary and you are no perfect girl either.

The top three qualities a girl is looking for in a guy before entering into a relationship: his looks, his work background, and his personality. I’m no relationship expert but I know that most of the time, girls are swooned by a guy’s personality more than anything else. When a guy treats a girl like a princess, every single standard set does not matter anymore.


What are you going to do if the right guy marries another girl? Or if the right guy suddenly realizes that he doesn’t love you anymore? Are you going to wallow in misery and accept that you’re no longer worthy to be loved and cherished? Does that mean you missed God’s will for your life?

Of course not!

You can get back up and keep yourself busy while waiting for the right person. Yes, another right guy, for you…specifically.

Do you know Boaz? He’s the rich, influential, and Godly man who loves Ruth, a woman of noble character. If you’re going to read Ruth’s chapter in the Bible, Ruth chose to follow her mother-in-law, Naomi, after her husband died. “Your God will be my God.” For someone like Ruth, it’s a leap of faith to follow her mother-in-law in times of famine. She seek God’s face and ALL THINGS WERE ADDED UNTO HER. Boaz- the handsome (I bet he is!), rich and influential guy married Ruth!

Now, let me share with you some of the things a Christian girl needs to look for in a future husband:

  1. A man after God’s own heart.

Women are always moody. You need a man who not only decides on his own. You need a man who will be patient with you because he’s grounded in God’s word! It says in the Bible that husbands must love their wives and gain their wives’ respect in return. You need a patient man who will understand your flaws and who seeks the wisdom of God in handling your relationship. Yes, guys need to lead the relationship and not the other way around. Let him lead you to Jesus.

  1. Financial stability

Yes, you are a strong, independent woman who needs no man to support you. But he needs to be financially stable! It’s in the Bible as well! Husbands and fathers need to work and support his family while the mother takes care of the household. I’m all for living in a Biblical perspective. It’s the only way I can survive this single life until I find my lifetime partner.

  1. Your personalities must match

You views doesn’t have to always be the same. I know the saying, “opposite attracts” and it’s true! Just like a fruit shake. If you’re blended well (and you know what fruits are excellent blends), you’ll taste a different mix of fruits that’s definitely a perfect combination of two unique fruits. You have to make sure you’re a perfect pair. It’s a plus if a guy loves music and arts. Do you believe artists think and feel differently and express themselves more passionately than others? I love to have long talks with someone who is smart but is not showing too much of it. Just want to have that conversation going until our hair turns gray.


That’s it! I hope and pray that you’ll meet a guy who will perfectly match your standards. An ideal guy for me is someone like Boaz. Someone who knows your flaws but will love you anyway. Someone who knows how to lead and who is stable in every aspect- mentally, financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically. And he is the perfect guy for Ruth! I know, Ruth’s a widow but there’s another right guy for her! Even though her husband died, the Lord never forgot His promise to Ruth.

Single ladies, it’s okay to set your standards high so long as you also set the same standards for yourself! Be like Ruth, a woman of noble character. You have to make sure you’re cultivating a healthy relationship with God, your family, your friends, and your co-workers. Just remember that nobody’s perfect but don’t settle for less! Wisdom is key, ladies! For me, if a guy fears God, he will meet every standard you make. Realistic standards, I say.


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