3 Tips for Single Travelers

Have you ever traveled solo? If you’re reading my blog, then I bet you’re just like me: Young. Single. Curious about the world. 

I can imagine what you’re thinking, solo travel? Is that really an exciting thing to do? Well, for me. It is. You get to meet new people and explore great places with the company of strangers. You can quench your thirst for freedom and peace. Sometimes, the more you let strangers become part of your journey, the more you’ll learn things you never knew before. 

I’ve done a lot of SOLO adventures in life. It’s normal for me to eat at fancy restaurants alone. Others think it’s weird but that’s just me. I enjoy solitude while eating ramen or anything savory. There were times when I watch movies alone. It doesn’t matter what kind of film- drama, comedy, cartoons, action. If I want to watch a movie but no one’s available to go with me, I’d buy myself a ticket and munch on a butter or cheese flavored popcorn. Just recently, I watched a rock concert ALONE! 

I don’t know, going solo is my ultimate stress reliever! (well, other than my dogs)

Here are Three Tips to Make Your Solo Trip Hassle-Free:

1.Google it

Research everything before going on a trip especially if it’s your first time to travel to a new place. Check everything: from your place to stay, things you need to bring, best places to visit, and must-try food. Select your destination thoroughly. You don’t want to spend money on places that are not-so unique. Think of it this way, most travelers will tell good stories about a famous tourist attraction, but only deep explorers can share stories behind unique experiences. Make it your goal to ask around, maybe look for friendly locals to guide you. Reach out to strangers, strike up a conversation or seek help from others when you lost your way- literally. 

2.Stay Safe

Yep. My first advice is to reach out to strangers, but it’s always good to have precautions. Act as if you know the place- that’s the secret! You shouldn’t draw other’s attention to you as a tourist. Ask people in uniform for directions. Not all of them are trustworthy but it’s better than a total stranger in the marketplace. When you explore new places, ask the usual fare for all public transpo so drivers will not take advantage of your being a tourist. Please keep that in mind.

3. Meet New People

Okay, travel solo but you have to meet new people. It’s never fun to isolate yourself and cringe in one corner feeling sorry cause no one’s ever available to travel with you. (I feel you. Not that I’m a pro at going solo.) My first solo travel is not really solo. lol. I traveled with strangers in Baguio a few months back. They’re actually my virtual workmates. We’ve never seen each other in person but we planned to go on a 3-day trip to a cool place in the Philippines. We tried to make each other comfortable by sharing stories and laughter. 


Meeting new people is not bad at all. Making new friends will give you happiness and a sense of belongingness. Plus, you get to enjoy the world through a whole new perspective.

Traveling solo gives me hope that my next travel is no longer solo.


Are You Monophobic? Be encouraged by this Scripture and I hope to travel with YOU- yes, stranger- One Day:

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” -Joshua 1:9

Let me know your travel stories in the comments’ section below! Follow my blog at: deborahbongga.wordpress.com



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  1. I really enjoy my own company and have traveled solo a few times. I like the freedom of being able to do my own thing and not having to adjust to anyone’s schedule. I also have traveled with people that are fun to be with and some (not so fun)

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