Dogs Make Me Crazy

Have you ever stared into a dog’s eyes?

Just like humans, our four-legged friends can give us thousands of meaningful glances to show us love and affection. If you’re a dog person, you’ll realize how amazing it is to be loved by a dog. It’s as if dogs also speak to us with their eyes.

I’ve had so many encounters with random dogs during my job as a documentary researcher. I traveled different places to search for inspiring stories of Filipino people; but as I look around, I can’t resist greeting some active dogs around. It’s interesting to know that even dogs have stories to tell!

Let me run down my most memorable encounters with dogs from all walks of life:


Notice the background: Pine trees, mountains, and fresh grass. All of which indicate it’s thousands of meters above sea level.

These hunting dogs are owned by an elder we interviewed in Abra (northern part of the Philippines). It’s part of their tradition to hunt monkeys, so our team filmed the elder as he trek for five hours with his hunting dogs. Our team really had a hard time keeping up with the very steep trail but these dogs just nailed it!

I think the dogs already memorized the path. They even jumped from logs, went through rough bushes, and sniffed their way toward the prey. I think they’re trained to trek for several hours without water! These dogs are living a simple yet adventurous life.



Cali’s among the hundreds of pit bulls rescued from a dog-fighting syndicate last 2012. He caught my attention when he reached out his paw as I walked by. There are still hundreds of pit bulls looking for loving parents to adopt them in a sanctuary by CARA Welfare Philippines. If you want to donate or adopt a dog, you can visit for more information. I recently heard that Cali is now adopted by his human. Sweet dogs are the best!




Just a friendly dog chillin’ like a villain in a beautiful beach in Anilao, Batangas.




It’s unusual for dogs to eat coconut, right? But who can ever resist freshly picked buko in Tagkawayan, Quezon? Here’s a dog savoring my leftover buko! This dog lives with his human just beside a “haunted” house. If he could only talk, I think he’d share his most vivid memories with ghosts. 🙂




Another random dog seeking to win my attention, and yes, she already won! I remember that moment, I was exhausted and tired from work. We’re shooting an interview under the sun with me having zero sleep. Thanks for cheering me up. Humans would never beat a dog’s genuine comfort.


The owner of this somewhat hesitant dog shared with me how this dog ended up with him. He’s a government employee who visited the city dog pound, a place where stray dogs are held for only a week. There’s this scary law that if no one gets the stray dogs that are caught in a week, it is legal to euthanize the dogs. Luckily, this dog was adopted by a compassionate human.


Meet Pon, short for ampon (adopted). A couple said they first saw Pon on New Year’s Eve shaking uncontrollably out of fear. They tried to shoo the dog but the dog never left. So the couple decided to let him stay and be part of their family.




Remembering Elsie, my brother-in-law’s 9-year old furbaby who died of distemper. Hope you’re happy now at the Rainbow Bridge.

A lot of people LOVE dogs as much as I do! If only I could adopt all the dogs I would! If I’m feeling a little gloomy, just one hug from my pet makes me happy. What a struggle to see neglected and abandoned dogs. 😦 Let’s help spread awareness for their rights! Who’s with me?




Thank you for reading my blog entry. Say hi to 4 out of 6 of my dog family! 🙂 Comment your most memorable experience with dogs below! Thanks! 


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